Exotic Imports USA has been the leader in the Hookah Charcoal industry.  We started in 2005 by inovating the Hookah Charcoal industry.  We designed the first square hookah charcoal in the world as well as packaged natural hookah charcoal in boxes instead of bags.  Our goal is not to only invent and manufacture products that are different to the world but to continue being the Leader in the Hookah Charcoal industry which other charcoal brand looks up to.  We are proud to be the Leader and not the Follower. 


Always think ahead.


Design and invent new concepts.


Listen to customers feedback and follow users social media and blogs


Communicate and understand customers needs


Always be open for ideas


Be smart and unpredictable


Always do your best to be the Leader others look up to

If you see any imitations, duplicates, fakes and copies of any Exotica® brand products, please report immediately to Exotic Imports USA  via email at info@exoticimportsusa.com. We offer a reward to anyone who makes legitimate reports of any counterfeit Exotica® Brand products after prosecution. The reporter will remain anonymous at all times. Thank you.


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