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About Us



​Welcome to Exotic Imports USA , the manufacturer of  Exotica Brand Hookah Charcoal, the world’s leading and fastest growing charcoal manufacturer since 2005. Our aspiration was to create the best all natural wood charcoal of highest quality, in every way imaginable, ideal for smoking hookah and it has worked. Through dedication and hard work, we succeeded in making our ambition become a reality. We crafted the first square shaped, longest lasting, 100% all natural finger charcoal in the world. We are also the first to formulate easy lite charcoals that do not contain any chemicals and grown to manufacturing many other top brand products.


At Exotica© / Exotic Imports USA. our goal is to improve our product and ourselves to be able to provide the utmost service to the world we live in. After gaining years of experience in the art of charcoal making,, we have perfected charcoal manufacturing to prevent all charcoal issues that man complain about within other Brands.,  Our goal is to make the highest all Natural charcoals that do not turn black, turn off  or need high maintenance.  We have set up many quality control channels to ensure you to have confidence and peace of mind when you work with us . Exotica© is not only a brand, but a Creator who strives to bring excellence and sophistication to the industry. We welcome and embrace all comments and suggestions.


We are looking forward to working with distributors and wholesalers worldwide. If you are interested, please contact us for more information. We do offer exclusivity of our brands in certain regions.




We come from a background of hookah connoisseurs who have passed on to us the tradition of smoking Shisha. Our predecessors have taught us that when we want to smoke hookah, we should smoke to enjoy it, and always smoke the best tobacco, pipe, and the charcoal.


After years of vigorous experimentation and innovative thinking, we were able to procure the world’s first square shaped finger all natural wood charcoal in 2005. Since then, we have made unrelenting efforts to stay atop and maintain our vanguard position in an unparalleled competitive world market, where stealing others’ ideas and making copies of products seems to have become a trend for some people whom unjustly misuse the market. We were always aware of this imperfect human tendency and the prominent dangers in the market; therefore, we built a product so unique and highly sophisticated in design that no one else has been able to duplicate.


Over the years, we have paid careful attention to the concerns and needs of our clients and customers. We have combined their wants with our ingenuity and craftsmanship, enabling us to devise the most ideal charcoal for smoking hookah. After more than 7 years in the making, we have improved our formula for an even better hookah experience. Now selling Exotica 8.0 natural hookah charcoal, Exotica COCO All natural Coconut Hookah Charcoal and Exotica Stellar All natural Bamboo Charcoal 8.1 offering a far more superior quality and purity of product which is wanted all over the world and we owe this success to none than our loyal customers and their support. We love you and wish you a happy Shisha experience.

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